How We Work


Like other agencies, we perform all the daily tasks of orders, research (MRI, Scarborough, Claritas, InfoUSA Business Database), trafficking of artwork, affidavits, etc. Where we truly stand out is our commitment to analysis and results for your business. Doing what it takes to exceed your expectations.

  • True Media Brokers

    What that means for you is that we have access and history to get you the very best, lowest prices on the best media. We know where to go for the right pricing. Whether it is a one-time media buy or yearly plans, we can surprise you with our rates. We even surprise ourselves at times, under the premise, “just ask, the worst they can say is no”

    If you are prepared for last minute, quick turnaround remnants, we have those too. Sign up here and let us know what you want

  • Total Account management

    We learn and analyze your needs, review the research, review what you have done in the past. We ask if what you are currently doing is working or not, who is in charge of what and then we manage the media buy from start to finish.

    We are not finished when the campaign is done either. We are analyzing results, learning what could be done better or differently, listening to your feedback and then making recommendations on next steps.

  • Comprehensive Marketing strategies

    We do not work in a vacuum, but work with you and your team to provide the best media as part of the marketing strategy and develop tactics to reach your targeted goals. We become a business partner in the success of your company and take pride in working with multiple departments to reach these goals.

  • Strategic Advertising campaigns

    We love completed campaigns! Long or short term we want to work with you on putting together the message, the media, the details, the spreadsheets, the events, the support or whatever it takes to make you successful. We’ve even powerwashed a sidewalk in front or our client’s store to make sure everything was perfect!

  • Media traffic coordination

    Managing the mechanical requirements, uploading creative materials to our ftp site and providing e-tear sheets while ensuring proof of publication and or affidavits to support all digital or airtimes.


No agency commission, no annual contracts or expensive retainers.


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