Get To Know Us

Media Pros USA was established in August 2000, a full service media planning and buying agency that provides media services from a one- time buy to a comprehensive advertising and marketing plan.

Our experience and insight ensure the right outcome and increase the probability of success to a level not matched in the media buying.

As true Media Brokers we enjoy access to the most up to date market and station performance and engineering databases. We are well known and respected among the nation’s leading media companies.

As we move into the age of diminished marketing staffs and merged departments, it is important to count on advisors positioned to provide creative solutions for all your media requirements.

We offer effective marketing strategies done entirely from the customer's vantage point. Our team can assist in creating a realistic and pragmatic branding plan to influence skeptical customers who are already overwhelmed with advertising clutter.

Partners and their associates with a multitude of experience are strategically located around the country and in Latin America.


We are committed to providing multi-platform opportunities for reaching consumers.